Discovering Self


We don't really learn by finding the right answers. We learn by asking the right questions. Learning is a process, not a destination. The best path to knowledge of self then, other than true experience, is to sit with the questions that most frustrate us, that most frighten us-the ones for which we have the emptiest answers (or no answers at all). This book is intended to serve as a guide to help you get to know yourself better by using questions as a road-map to self-discovery. Think of it as an adventure-the truest and most important adventure you can ever experience: becoming acquainted with your self.

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The Perfect Daughter


What happens when a devout Mormon realizes that she is gay? Cathryn Lokey grew up in the Mormon Church and gladly went down the expected path of mission work, marriage, and motherhood—until she met Amy. Her world was turned upside down. In The Perfect Daughter, she shares the very personal journey of self-discovery that followed, with all its love, loss, grief, and bewilderment. Ultimately, she finds the courage to accept herself as a lesbian in the face of bitter rejection. She forges a new path—one once literally beyond imagining—that brings her joy and fulfillment. A path worthy of a daughter of God.

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